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Tony Gateway 2020 washout

Music by Tony Bridgewater

KAB 2020

Welcome to the website of

Tony Bridgewater

composer, pianist, and conductor

I am a freelance musician based near Birmingham in the West Midlands, with a particular interest in composing, piano accompaniment and orchestral conducting.

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March 2022

I conducted my second concert with the Wyre Forest Symphony Orchestra, including the first performance of my piece 'Lux Mundi', commissioned by the orchestra 

June 2022

I organised a joint concert for the Huddersfield Windband and the National Flute Orchestra which featured my piece 'Huddersfield Overture' commissioned by the band, and raised £1,400 for Mary Stevens Hospice in Stourbridge

April and June 2022

I wrote special pieces for the weddings of my children Frances and Jonathan, in April and June, 'Love Each Other from This Day Forward' and 'My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose'

September 2022

I gave my final concert with the National Flute Orchestra after conducting them for eleven years. The concert featured 3 newly commissioned pieces, a first performance and a piece now published by Forton music


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