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Tony Gateway 2020 washout

Music by Tony Bridgewater

KAB 2020

Piano Concerto no.2 recorded 2010; 2 movements: Central England Ensemble, Tony Bridgewater (Piano) Anthony Bradbury (Conductor)


Cello Sonata recorded 1993; 3 movements; Helen Stowell (Cello) Tony Bridgewater (Piano)


Violin Sonata recorded 2003; 3 movements; Sean Omer (Violin) Tony Bridgewater (Piano)


Violin Sonata no.2; three movements; Anna Downes (Violin) Tony Bridgewater (Piano)


Double Concerto for Flute and Clarinet; Tony May (Clarinet), Linda May (Flute), Central England Ensemble, Tony Bridgewater (Conductor)


Piano Trio; 3 movements; (Sibelius recording)


'Concert Piece for Piano and Strings' first performed by Margaret Fingerhut in November 2015 with the Central England Ensemble, conductor Anthony Bradbury


Sonata for Flutes: first performed by the National Flute Orchestra, conductor Tony Bridgewater


Sonata for Trumpet and Piano; Greg McEwan (Trumpet), Tony Bridgewater (Piano)


Choral Music


All pieces written for the Old Swinford Hospital School Choir  2003 - 2015 



'We Who Are Left' performed by Rosemary Gripton and the Viva Musica Choir


To hear any track, please click the title

The Other Side of a Mirror; Paula Downes (Soprano), Tony Bridgewater (Piano)


The Legend of the Tamar; (Sibelius Recording)


Suite for Oboe; Ian Estell (Oboe), Tony Bridgewater (Piano)


Quintet for Winds; The Salendine Quintet


'Snowflakes'; Paula Downes (Soprano), Tony Bridgewater (Piano)


Concert Piece for Piano and Strings no.2:

(Temporary Sibelius recording)


Huddersfield Overture for Concertband:

(Temporary Sibelius recording)


Trio for Flute, Oboe and Clarinet:

(Temporary Sibelius recording)


Elegy for Piano:

Tony Bridgewater (Piano)


Suite for Piano:

Tony Bridgewater (Piano)


Christmas Reflections:

Anna Downes (Violin); Tony Bridgewater (Piano)


Rondeau des Perruches:

Lynne Williams (Flute) Robert Rainford (Piano)

Symphony no 1: (Temporary Sibelius recording)

Two Wedding Pieces

Double Concerto for Flute and Oboe: Wyre Forest Symphony Orchestra

Lux Mundi: Wyre Forest Symphony Orchestra


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